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Lakes Alakol and Sasykkol, Kazakhstan

46.1N 81.7E

August 26th, 2012 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Kazakhstan – August 23rd, 2012

Two lakes can be observed in this image: Lake Alakol (blue) and Lake Sasykkol (light green). The latter is a lake in the eastern part of Kazakhstan. It has an area of 600 km² (736 km² when water level in the lake is high), average depth of 3.3 m and maximum depth of 4.7 m.

Lake Alakol is located in the Almaty and Shyghyz provinces, east central Kazakhstan. The lake is the northwest extension of the region known as the Dzhungarian Gate (Alataw Pass), a narrow valley that connects the southern uplands of Kazakhstan with arid northwest China.

Lake Alakol, a salt lake, has a drainage basin of 65,200 km² and receives water periodically from the southerly draining Urdzhar River at the north end of the lake. Two alluvial fans are visible where mountain streams cut through the faulted landscape (southwest side of lake).

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