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Lake Peipus and Tallinn and Riga, in the Baltics

58.8N 27.2E

December 20th, 2011 Category: Lakes

Estonia, Latvia, Russia - December 11th, 2011

This orthorectified wide-swath ASAR image shows Lake Peipus, the biggest transboundary lake in Europe, on the border between Estonia (part of European Union) and Russia. Other bodies of water visible nearby are the Gulf of Finland (top edge), the Gulf of Riga (left edge) and Lake Võrtsjärv (small lake west of Lake Peipus).

Visible on the shores of the Gulf of Riga is Riga (lower left corner), the capital and largest city of Latvia. An important seaport, it is situated on the mouth of the Daugava River on a flat and sandy plain. Visible at the top left, on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, is Tallinn, the capital and largest city of Estonia. It occupies an area of 159.2 km2.

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