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Lake Kariba on the Border of Zambia and Zimbabwe

16.9S 27.9E

November 16th, 2009 Category: Lakes

Zambia and Zimbabwe - October 7th, 2009

Zambia and Zimbabwe - October 7th, 2009

Lake Kariba, lying on the border between Zambia (above) and Zimbabwe (below) is the largest man-made lake and reservoir by volume located on the Zambezi River. It is located about halfway between the river’s source and mouth, about 1300 kilometers upstream from the Indian Ocean.

Lake Kariba was filled between 1958 and 1963 following the completion of the Kariba Dam at its northeastern end, flooding the Kariba Gorge on the Zambezi River and displacing large numbers of the local Tonga people.

The lake is over 220 kilometers (140 mi) long and up to 40 kilometers (20 mi) in width. It covers an area of 5,580 square kilometers (2,150 sq mi) and its storage capacity is an immense 185 cubic kilometers (44.4 cu mi). The mean depth of the lake is 29 meters (95 ft); the maximum depth is 97 meters (320 ft).

The enormous mass of water (approximately 180,000,000,000,000 kilograms, or 200 billion tons) is believed to have caused induced seismicity in the seismically active region, including over 20 earthquakes of greater than 5 magnitude on the Richter scale.

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