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Lake Disappointment, Australia

January 28th, 2009 Category: Lakes

Lake Disappointment and Lake Dora - January 22nd, 2009

Lake Disappointment and Lake Dora - January 22nd, 2009

This remote part of Western Australia includes two salt lakes: Lake Disappointment (below) and Lake Dora (above).

Lake Disappointment is an ephemeral salt lake that is home to many species of waterbirds. It was named by the explorer Frank Hann in 1897.  He noticed creeks in the area flowed inland, and followed them expecting to find a large fresh water lake. To his disappointment the lake turned out to be salt, and subsequently it was named Lake Disappointment.

Lake Dora, on the other hand, is a seasonal salt lake. It lies between the vegetated sand fields of the Great Sandy and Gibson Deserts. The Rudall River occasionally brings water to Lake Dora.

About 1252 km northeast of Perth, north of Lake Disappointment and surrounding Lake Dora is the Rudall River National Park. It is the second largest national park in Australia and one of the largest in the world.

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