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Lake Bamendjing and the Massif du Mbam, Cameroon

5.7N 10.5E

June 16th, 2010 Category: Lakes, Mountains

Cameroon - June 7th, 2010

Cameroon - June 7th, 2010

This image shows part of Cameroon. Cameroon is a country in West Africa with an area of 183,920 sq mi (476,350 sq km) and a population (2009 est.) of 19,522,000. The capital is Yaoundé.

Cameroon has four geographic regions. The southern area consists of coastal plains and a densely forested plateau. The central region rises progressively to the north and includes the Adamawa Plateau. This APM image shows Lake Bamendjing, flanked by the mountain Massif du Mbam.

APM (Alternate Polarization Medium resolution) is an ASAR (radar) mode that acquires two signals at the same time, and is therefore able to generate two grayscale images. The resulting image is a combination of those two images, which highlights their similarities and differences.

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