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Khanka Lake on Russia-China Border

44.9N 132.3E

October 8th, 2012 Category: Lakes

Russia and China – October 7th, 2012

Khanka Lake is a transboundary freshwater body located on the border between Primorsky Krai, Russia and Heilongjiang province, Northeast China. The area of the lake is 4,190 square kilometres (1,620 sq mi), of which 3,030 km2 (1,170 sq mi) (72%) is located in Russia and 1,160 km2 (450 sq mi) (28%) in China.
The lake shores are swampy, except in the north-west. The lake’s drainage basin is an alluvial plain of around 16,890 square kilometres (6,520 sq mi), of which 97% is in Russian territory. It is fed by 23 rivers (8 in China and 15 in Russia), but the only outflow of the lake is the Songacha River.

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