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Gulf of İskenderun and Lakes Assad and Atatürk Dam, in Syria and Turkey

35.9N 38.2E

July 16th, 2011 Category: Lakes

Turkey - July 12th, 2011

Visible in the lower left quadrant, slightly silver in color due to sun glint, is the Gulf of İskenderun. It is an inlet of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, of which it forms the easternmost tip, on the southern coast of Turkey near its border with Syria.

Visible further inland are two large lakes: Lake Assad (below), a reservoir on the Euphrates in Ar-Raqqah Governorate, Syria, and Lake Atatürk Dam (north of the former), also on the Euphrates, on the border of Adıyaman Province and Şanlıurfa Province in Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey.

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