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Climate Change’s Effect on Lake Ladoga, Russia

60.7N 31.6E

May 4th, 2013 Category: Climate Change, Lakes

Russia – May 3rd, 2013

Lake Ladoga (center right), partially covered in ice, the largest freshwater lake in Europe, is a key stopover point for migratory birds on the North Atlantic flyway. Earlier arrival of songbirds at Lake Ladoga is a sign that spring is occurring earlier in Russia—one key impact of global warming.

Scientists found a correlation between warmer temperatures and earlier arrival of small migratory songbirds at sites across northern Europe.
Climate change has affected the coming of spring around the world: it arrived in the northern hemisphere on average 11 days earlier in 2000 compared to 1970.

Shifts in the timing of seasons vary substantially by species and location,  which could lead to broader ecological effects, such as disruptions in the food chain (click here for more information).

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