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Climate Change and Tibetan Lakes

29.9N 89.0E

May 27th, 2013 Category: Lakes

China – May 28th, 2013

Tibet is in trouble, as climate change is now happening faster than in many areas, with multiple impacts on human livelihoods, rangeland degradation, desertification, loss of glaciers and more. The Tibetan Plateau is close to two per cent of the land surface of our planet; and is a huge island in the sky, between four and eight kilometres above sea level, exerting a profound impact on Asia, even on the north Pacific.

Trouble in Tibet means trouble downstream and downwind from Tibet, across Asia, where Tibetan rivers flow and Tibetan climate generates and regulates monsoon rains over Asia. The damming of Tibetan rivers, commercial fishing of Tibetan lakes, many of which can be observed throughout this image, as well as the draining of wetlands and introduction of invasive alien species all compromise Tibet (click here for more information).

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