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Border Between Russia’s Tuva Republic and Mongolia

50.2N 92.6E

July 28th, 2009 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Russia and Mongolia - June 8th, 2009

Russia and Mongolia - June 8th, 2009

The green, vegetated terrain of Russia above the Sayan Mountains contrasts with the yellow Mongolian terrain below.

In Russia, above the Sayan Mountains, the long, dark blue line is the Krasnoyarskoye Reservoir on the Yenisei River. Lake Uvs Nuur, below the mountains, marks the border between Mongolia and Russia’s Tuva Republic.

The Tuva Republic is situated in the far south of Siberia. The western part is a drier lowland, while the east is forested and elevated

Much of Mongolia, on the other hand, consists of steppes, with with cold and mountainous regions to the north and west. The highest point in Mongolia is the Khüiten Peak in the Tavan bogd massif in the far west at 4,374 m (14,350 ft), near the cloud covered area in the lower left quadrant.

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