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Badain Jaran Desert and Qinghai Lake, China

39.6N 100.7E

October 29th, 2011 Category: Deserts, Lakes

China - October 28th, 2011

Visible at the center right of this image is the Badain Jaran Desert, in China, spanning the provinces of Gansu, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia. It is located south of the border between China and Mongolia.

The desert covers an area of 49,000 sq. kilometers (19,000 sq. miles) and is home to the tallest stationary dunes on Earth, some of which reach a height of 500 meters (1,600 ft.).

Visible to the south is a more mountainous area and Qinghai Lake, a saline lake situated at an altitude of 3,205 m (10,515 feet) above sea level in a depression of the Tibetan Plateau. It is the largest lake in China, although it has fluctuated in size, shrinking over much of the 20th century, but increasing since 2004.

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