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Arizona, USA, from the Santa Catalina Mountains to San Carlos Lake

33.1N 110.4W

February 22nd, 2010 Category: Lakes, Mountains

USA - February 12th, 2010

USA - February 12th, 2010

This orthorectified image stretches from the Santa Catalina Mountains in the South to San Carlos Lake in the North. The mountains, commonly referred to as the Catalinas, are located north of Tucson, in Arizona, USA.

The mountain range is the most prominent in the Tucson area, with the highest average elevation. The highest point in the Catalinas is Mount Lemmon at an elevation of 9,157 feet above sea level and receives 180 inches of snow annually.

San Carlos Lake was formed by the construction of the Coolidge Dam and is rimmed by 158 mi of shoreline. The lake is located within the 3000 sq mi San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, and is thus subject to tribal regulations. San Carlos Lake is seldom full except in unusually wet periods.

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