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White and Green Surface of Etosha Pan, Namibia – December 30th, 2011

18.7S 16.4E

December 30th, 2011 Category: Image of the day, Salt Flats

Namibia - December 24th, 2011

The Etosha pan is a large endorheic salt pan, forming part of the Kalahari Basin in the north of Namibia. The 120-kilometre-long (75-mile-long) dry lakebed and its surroundings are protected as Etosha National Park, one of Namibia’s largest wildlife parks.

The pan is mostly dry but after a heavy rain it will acquire a thin layer of water, which is heavily salted by the mineral deposits on the surface of the pan. Therefore, most of the year the pan is dry mud coated with salt. Here, the salt coating gives it a whitish color.

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