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Volcanoes on the Indonesian Island of Java – December 11th, 2009

7.6S 110.7E

December 11th, 2009 Category: Image of the day, Volcanoes

Java, Indonesia - November 9th, 2009

Java, Indonesia - November 9th, 2009

Volcanic peaks tower above the terrain of Java, Indonesia, in this orthorectified image. The view reaches from the north coast to the south coast of the island. Visible on the north shores in the upper right corner is the city of Semarang, while the city of Yogyakarta can be seen near the south coast towards the bottom.

Three volcanoes are situated in a vertical line between the two cities. These are, from north to south, Mount Ungaran, a deeply eroded stratovolcano, Mount Merbabu, a dormant stratovolcano, and Mount Merapi, a conical volcano and the most active in Indonesia.

To the west, near the image center, are the conical peaks of two stratovolcanoes: Mount Sundoro (also spelled Sindoro) , above, and Mount Sumbing, below.

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