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Suez Canal and Settlements in the Nile Delta Region, Egypt – October 19th, 2010

30.0N 31.2E

October 19th, 2010 Category: Image of the day, Rivers

Egypt - October 13th, 2010

The tan dots across the green Nile River Delta region indicate the presence of cities, towns and settlements. The city of Cairo appears as a large tan area at the base of the triangular delta.

The channels of the river itself appear as dark green ribbons snaking across the valley towards the Mediterranean Sea, where they release green sediments that line the Egyptian shoreline.

Visible to the east of the delta is the Suez Canal, connecting the Mediteranean to the Red Sea. Unlike the Nile River and its channels, the canal is not completely surrounded by green vegetation. Some irrigated fields, however, can be seen nearby.

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