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Sediments flowing into Bay of Bengal – October 26th, 2008

October 26th, 2008 Category: Floods, Image of the day

Bay of Bengal - October 16th, 2008

Bay of Bengal - October 16th, 2008

In this image, we get a close look at the many river mouths emptying into the Bay of Bengal along the coasts of Bangladesh and northeastern India. Due to heavy rainfall in the Himalayas, the rivers and the part of the bay near their mouths appears brown, colored by silt and sediments in the waters.

The Bay of Bengal is a bay that forms the northeastern part of the Indian Ocean. It resembles a triangle in shape, and is bordered by India and Sri Lanka to the West, Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal to the North, and Myanmar, the southern part of Thailand and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands to the East.

The Bay of Bengal occupies an area of 2,172,000 km². A number of large rivers – Ganges, Brahmaputra, Ayeyarwady, Godavari, Mahanadi, Krishna and Kaveri – flow into the Bay of Bengal. Since the rivers have high discharge outflows, particularly the Ganges River, the bay has much silt pushed into it. The Ganges River can be seen coming from the left, and the Jamuna River from the right. After converging, they form the Padma River, flowing past the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka.

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