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SAR-Sharpened MOSAIC of Italy

41.8N 12.4E

August 26th, 2009 Category: Image of the day, Mosaics


SAR-Sharpened Mosaic of Italy

SAR-sharpening of Sardinia

SAR-sharpening of Sardinia

The main image here was realized by merging ASAR and MERIS orthorectified Mosaics of Italy, generated by Chelys MOSRI, using a technique we call “SAR-Sharpening” due to its similarity to a method known as PAN-Sharpening.

PAN-Sharpening merges high resolution panchromatic and lower resolution multispectral imagery to create a single high resolution color image. “SAR-Sharpening”, on the other hand, uses a radar image instead of a panchromatic one.

In this image, we maintained the resolution of the MERIS sensor (250m) while greatly enhancing the level of detail using an ASAR mosaic with a 75m resolution.

The animated imagery focusing on Sardinia shows the improvements made through the SAR-Sharpening technique. Due to its resolution, the original color MERIS image clearly has a level of detail inferior to that of the ASAR image.

However, after the processing, the contours of the Italian terrain can be seen in great detail.

ENVISAT Sensor Coverage

ENVISAT Sensor Coverage

ASAR operates simultaneously with the other ENVISAT instruments. The image on the left shows the swath positioning of ASAR along with those of the other sensors.

Chelys is currently exploring the possibility of enhancing the capabilities of their SRRS (Satellite Rapid Response System) processors, enabling them to automatically generate SAR-Sharpened images for all zones in which ASAR and MERIS images overlap.

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