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Sand Dunes of the Grand Erg Oriental, Algeria – October 7th, 2010

30.6N 7.5E

October 7th, 2010 Category: Deserts, Image of the day

Algeria - August 27th, 2010

This image focuses on the Grand Erg Oriental, situated for the most part in Saharan lowlands of northeast Algeria. An erg is a field or “sea” of sand dunes in the Sahara desert.

The Grand Erg Oriental covers an area some 600 km. wide by 200 km. north to south, making it the largest erg in Algeria. The erg’s northeastern corner spills over into neighbouring Tunisia.

Upon opening the full image, many individual rows of high sand dunes can be observed. Also visible at the bottom of the full version are the Ahaggar Mountains. If any water were to reach the erg, it would be from mostly dry and buried rivers originating in those mountains and flowing down and northward.

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