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Rivers and Lakes Near Rio de la Plata, in Argentina and Uruguay – January 22nd, 2010

34.6S 58.3W

January 22nd, 2010 Category: Image of the day, Lakes, Rivers

Argentina - December 31st, 2009

Argentina - December 31st, 2009

Several rivers flow across the terrain of Argentina and Uruguay, appearing greyish tan due to sun glint and the heavy loads of sediments they carry. The Paraná River flows in from the left edge to converge with the Uruguay River, which flows vertically down from the upper left.

The convergence of these two rivers creates the very wide Rio de la Plata. The cities of Buenos Aires, in Argentina, and Montevideo, in Uruguay, can be seen along its shores in the lower left and lower right quadrants, respectively.

Finally, the Grande River (in Spanish, Arroyo Grande) flows diagonally across the Uruguayan terrain. Two large artificial lakes lay along the river: the Rincón del Bonete Artificial Lake (larger of the two, above) and the Paso del Palmar Artificial Lake (smaller, center).

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