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Ridges of the Appalachian Mountains, USA – November 28th, 2010

36.8N 80.1W

November 28th, 2010 Category: Image of the day, Mountains

USA - November 8th, 2010

The Appalachian Mountains appear as a series of brown ridges running parallel to the east coast of the United States of America. In the full image, the contours of these ridges and the green valleys between them can be seen in great detail. The height of individual mountains averages around 3,000 ft (900 m).

The range is mostly located in the United States but extends into southeastern Canada, forming a zone from 100 to 300 miles (160 to 480 km) wide, running from the island of Newfoundland 1,500 miles (2,400 km) south-westward to central Alabama in the United States.

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