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Phytoplankton in Barents Sea Continues to Flourish – September 13th, 2011

70.7N 36.8E

September 13th, 2011 Category: Image of the day, Phytoplankton

Phytoplankton in Barents Sea - September 11th, 2011

The bright blue swirls in the upper left part of this image are part of a phytoplankton bloom that has been flourishing in the Barents Sea for over a month.

The bloom was initially observed by Norway, between the country’s northern coastline and the Svalbard Archipelago. It has since spread eastward and can now be seen near the Norway-Russia border, north of Russia’s Kola Peninsula and northwest of Kanin Peninsula (framed by sediments, right).

2 Responses to “Phytoplankton in Barents Sea Continues to Flourish – September 13th, 2011”

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    Karl W. Schwab:

    Nice photograph, I would like to see the entire collection if it is available online.

  2. 2

    Hello Karl, take a look at our catalog, it will be available at least until end of September. If you like this kind of service, please vote for us at gmes masters :)

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