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Peron Peninsula in Shark Bay World Heritage Site, Australia – March 30th, 2010

25.9S 113.5E

March 30th, 2010 Category: Image of the day, Phytoplankton, Sediments

Australia - March 5th, 2010

Australia - March 5th, 2010

The long, narrow peninsula situated between the Australia mainland (right) and Dirk Hartog Island (left) is called Peron Peninsula. It is part of the Shark Bay World Heritage Site in Western Australia. The water around the peninsula appears green in color due to a combination of algae and sediments.

The peninsula is some 80 miles (130 km) long, running north-northwesterly, east of Henri Freycinet Harbour and west of Havre Hamelin and Faure Island. It is the largest of the Shark Bay peninsulas.

The northern area contains the Francois Peron National Park. It is surrounded by the Shark Bay Marine Park and its lower southeast part is adjacent to the Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve.

The narrowest section of the peninsula is between Nanga and Goulet Bluff, which has Shell Beach located on the eastern side that lies in the L’Haridon Bight.

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