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Nelson River Emptying Sediments into Hudson Bay, Canada – July 22nd, 2010

57.0N 92.5W

July 22nd, 2010 Category: Image of the day, Rivers, Sediments

Canada - June 29th, 2010

Canada - June 29th, 2010

The Nelson River is a river of north-central North America, in the Canadian province of Manitoba. Here, it can be seen carrying golden tan sediments into the Hudson Bay. Many other lakes, blue and tan in color, dot the landscape. Part of the waters of the bay appear white, due to the presence of ice.

The river’s full length is 2575 km (1600 mile). It has a mean discharge of 2370 m3/s (3100 yd3/s), and a drainage basin of 982900 km2 (379500 sq. mile). The river drains Lake Winnipeg and runs 644 km (400 mile) before it ends in Hudson Bay.

Since it drains Lake Winnipeg, it is the last part of the large Saskatchewan River system, as well as that of the Red River and Winnipeg River. It has a flow at its mouth of 2066 m3/s, near Port Nelson.

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