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Mount Malindang on Mindanao, Philippines – May 12th, 2010

8.2N 123.6E

May 12th, 2010 Category: Image of the day, Mountains, Volcanoes

Philippines - April 28th, 2010

Philippines - April 28th, 2010

Mount Malindang, visible below the center of the right side of this image, is a potentially active stratovolcano located in the province of Misamis Occidental in the southern island of Mindanao, Philippines.

The volcano was formed by a series of volcanic activities indicated by the presence of a crater lake (Lake Duminagat), depressions surrounded by high rock walls, cinder cones, dome volcano plugs, T amphitheater structures, extensive distribution of volcanic rocks, carbonized wood found in pyroclastic deposits and two sulfurous hot springs.

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