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Lakes Turkana and Victoria, in Kenya and Uganda – September 19th, 2009

3.6N 36.0E

September 19th, 2009 Category: Image of the day, Lakes, Volcanoes

Uganda and Kenya - August 18th, 2009

Uganda and Kenya - August 18th, 2009

Sediments in Lake Turkana color the northern end of the lake rust-red, while the lower sections appear greenish. The lake, formerly known as Lake Rudolf, is located in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, with the far northern end crossing into Ethiopia.

Lake Turkana is an East African Rift feature. A rift is a weak place in the Earth’s crust due to the separation of two tectonic plates, often accompanied by a graben, or trough, in which lake water can collect. Currently the graben is 320 km wide in the north of the lake, 170 km in the south.

The rocks of the surrounding area are predominantly volcanic. Central Island, visible in the center of the lake as the name suggests, is an active volcano that emits vapors. Outcrops and rocky shores are found on the East and South shores of the lake, while dunes, spits and flats are on the West and North, at a lower elevation.

The large, dark blue Lake Victoria is also visible in the lower left quadrant. The western section seen here are in Uganda, while the easternmost parts belong to Kenya.

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