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Lakes Turkana and Kyoga and Mount Elgon, Uganda and Kenya – December 31st, 2011

3.6N 36.0E

December 31st, 2011 Category: Image of the day, Lakes, Volcanoes

Uganda and Kenya - December 29th, 2011

The image focuses on Lake Turkana, formerly known as Lake Rudolf, is a lake in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, with its far northern end crossing into Ethiopia. Here, sediments and algal growth turn the lake’s color from tan in the north to green and then a dark, bluish green in the south.

It is the world’s largest permanent desert lake and the world’s largest alkaline lake. The rocks of the surrounding area are predominantly volcanic. Central Island is an active volcano, emitting vapors. Outcrops and rocky shores are found on the East and South shores of the lake, while dunes, spits and flats are on the West and North, at a lower elevation.

Visible at the bottom edge of the image are Lake Kyoga, a large shallow lake complex of Uganda, and Mount Elgon, an extinct shield volcano on the border of Uganda and Kenya. It is the oldest and largest solitary volcano in East Africa, covering an area of around 3500 kmĀ². Lake Kyoga has an area of about 1,720 km2. The Victoria Nile flows through the lake on its way from Lake Victoria to Lake Albert.

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