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Lakes Assad and Atatürk Dam on the Euphrates River, in Turkey and Syria – October 8th, 2011

37.5N 38.5E

October 8th, 2011 Category: Image of the day, Lakes, Rivers

Turkey and Syria - October 2nd, 2011

Two large reservoirs can be observed in this image of the border area between Turkey (above) and Syria (below). Near the top of the image is Lake Atatürk Dam, the third largest in Turkey, located on the Euphrates River.

To the south is Lake Assad, a reservoir also on the Euphrates, in Ar-Raqqah Governorate, Syria. Lake Assad is Syria’s largest lake with a maximum capacity of 11.7 km3 and a maximum surface area of 610 km2.

A vast network of canals uses water from Lake Assad to irrigate lands on both sides of the Euphrates. Visible between the two lakes is a large green area, including the Sumatar Harabesi oasis, in Turkey.

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