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FAPAR Image of Florida and Southeastern USA – October 10th, 2009

25.7N 80.1W

October 10th, 2009 Category: Climate Change, Image of the day

Florida, USA - October 8th, 2009

Florida, USA - October 8th, 2009

FAPAR images such as this one, which focuses on the state of Florida, USA, indicate the photosynthetically active radiation absorbed by vegetation canopies. This false-colored image was generated by a new Chelys processor that processed and extracted the FAPAR index from raw data in just a few seconds.

The red regions correspond to agricultural zones for which there is high photosynthetic activity and therefore vegetation productivity and yellow to white areas indicate a low degree of photosynthetic activity.

FAPAR images are used to to monitor the state of and changes in the Earth’s vegetation cover. The image shows the states of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, as well as parts of North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama, in the southeastern United States. Several islands of the Bahamas are also visible.

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