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Climate Change and Possibility of Flooding Along Argentine Coast – April 27th, 2013

34.6S 58.3W

April 27th, 2013 Category: Climate Change, Image of the day

Argentina – April 26th, 2013

The Argentine coast of the Plata River, including the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, is subject to flooding when there are strong winds from the southeast, called sudestadas. As sea level rises as a result of global climate change, storm surge floods will become more frequent in this densely populated area.

The areas at risk of flooding during this century in Plata River coasts are very small, but the social and economic impact of the increasing frequency of floods by storm surges will be important. The number of people facing a risk of at least one flood every 100 years would be about 1,700,000 in the 2070 decade, more than three times the present population. By the same decade, those that would suffer floods every year would be 230,000, about six times the population that are currently exposed to annual flooding.

Under the assumptions that no adaptation measures would be implemented, the estimate of losses including real estate damages and the incremental operational costs of the coastal facilities for the period 2050-2100 would range from 5 to 15 billion USD dollars depending on the speed of the sea level rise and of the rate of growth of the infrastructure (click here for more information).

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