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Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina – December 14th, 2008

December 14th, 2008 Category: Image of the day

Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina - November 7th, 2008

Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina - November 7th, 2008

In this image we have a cloudless view of the  Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Rio de la Plata is clearly visible thanks to the great number of sediments present.

We can also see part of Bahia Blanca, less affected by sediments but with a phytoplankton bloom, in the bottom center. West of Bahia Blanca, we can observe the terrain becoming less flat as it approaches the Sierra de la Ventana mountain range.

The province of Buenos Aires Province (Provincia de Buenos Aires) is the most populated province of Argentina. The province has a population of 13,827,203 (2001) and its capital is La Plata (694,253 inhabitants), 56 kilometers south of the city of Buenos Aires.

The city of Buenos Aires, located next to provincial territory, is an autonomous city and not part of the province.

The Buenos Aires province has an area of 307,571 km²; it is also the largest province of Argentina.

The landscape is mainly flat, with two low mountain ranges; Sierra de la Ventana (near Bahía Blanca) and Sierra de Tandil (Tandil). The highest point is Cerro Tres Picos (1.239 m) and the longest river is Río Salado (700 km).

As part of The Pampas the weather of the province is strongly influenced by the ocean, with hot summers and temperate winters. Humidity is high and precipitations are abundant and distributed over the year. The Western and Southwestern regions are dryer.

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