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Ruptured Dam Causes Flooding Near Jakarta, Indonesia

April 1st, 2009 Category: Floods

Jakarta, Indonesia - March 27th, 2009

Jakarta, Indonesia - March 27th, 2009

A dam burst south-west of the Indonesian capital Jakarta on March 27th, reports the BBC, killing at least 58 people. Flash floods of up to 4m (13ft) deep engulfed hundreds of homes in Cirendeu in the Tangerang district. The waters swept away houses, cars and telephone lines.

An official said the Situ Gintung lake behind the dam became overloaded after hours of heavy rain. The dam, which was an old, earthen structure 16m (52ft) deep, is thought to have released two million cubic metres (70 million cubic ft) of water.

Here, the Indonesian islands of Java (right) and Sumatra (left) are visible. Jakarta and Cirendeu,  near the northern coast on the far right, are partially covered by clouds.  Yellowish sediments frame the shorelines of both islands.

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