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Fires in Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda

8.3N 30.7E

January 29th, 2011 Category: Fires

Ethiopia - January 17th, 2011

Smoke covers the right side of this image, along the Ethiopia-Sudan border. In the full image, a cluster of fires can be seen in or near the Boma National Park, in Sudan close to the Ethiopian border. These fires are releasing smoke towards the north-northwest.

In the lower part of the fulll image, other fires can be seen further south, in Uganda, near Lake Albert. The smoke from these fires is blowing in the opposite direction, towards the south-southeast.

Finally, even more fires can be seen around the Sudd, is a vast swamp in southern Sudan that appears here as a large green area. The fires, both in, just east and just west of the Sudd are releasing smoke towards the southwest.

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