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Deforestation and Roads in Northwestern Brazil

7.1S 55.3W

September 1st, 2010 Category: Climate Change, Fires, Rivers

Brazil - August 4th, 2010

Many areas of deforestation can be observed in this image of the Brazilian states of Amazonas (upper left), Rondônia (lower left), Mato Grosso (lower right) and Pará (upper right). These areas appear to be located near roads and settlements.

The image is crossed by several tan lines. The thicker, curved lines are rivers such as the Manicoré River in Amazonas, in north-western Brazil (upper left). The straight lines are roads, such as Route 230, running diagonally southwest to northeast, south of the river, and Route 16e, running diagonally northwest to southeast, through the town of Novo Progresso.

While some thick clouds are present near the top, the rest of the image is slightly covered by a thin veil of smoke. Upon opening the full image, several fires, probably agriculture-related, can be seen in the lower left quadrant.

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    Melinda Laituri:

    Hi: I think all of your images are fantastic…however, it would be really helpful if all images includes the original source and sensor to capture the image.

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