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Around 554 Wildfires Still Raging in Russia – August 9th, 2010

56.9N 49.9E

August 9th, 2010 Category: Fires, Image of the day

Russia - July 30th, 2010

Russia continues to be affected by wildfires, as state media report that about 270 new wildfires have started in the drought-plagued country over the past 24 hours. Although as many as 276 wildfires have been extinguished, it is estimated that 554 wildfires are still raging on an area of over 190,000 hectares.

According to Russia’s health and social development ministry, wildfires have killed at least 52 people and left dozens hospitalized. Moscow is choking in intense smog, with toxic substances at levels several times greater than the norm, from the combination of forest fires and pollutants.

Several large blazes can be seen in the upper half of the thumbnail image, with the lower half veiled by smoke. In the full image, other fires can be seen further south (the two in the bottom left corner are situated in Kazakhstan).

Although the exact location of the blazes is difficult to pinpoint due to the hazy skies, those visible here are located somewhere east of Moscow and between Yekaterinburg and Syktyvkar.

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