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Meris Full Resolution Mosaics of Europe

March 4th, 2009 Category: Earth Observation, Mosaics

Two weeks ago, we published a Meris FR Mosaic of Italy. The large number of interested users has led us to publish the entire Mosaic of Central/Eastern Europe. Starting today and over the next few weeks we will update the Mosaic section and the present post as soon as a new country is inserted.

Europe Mosaic

Meris Full Resolution Mosaic of Europe

albania Not published
austria Not published
bosnia Not published
bulgaria Not published
croatia Not published
czech republic Published
germany Not published
hungary Not published
italy Published
macedonia Not published
montenegro Not published
poland Not published
romania Not published
serbia Not published
slovenia Not published
switzerland Published
ukraine Not published

All the mosaics have been generated using MOSRI, a real time mosaic generation system, using images generated by the SRRS (Satellite Rapid Response System). More details and the downloadable images are available on the MOSAICS page.

In order to create these mosaics, we processed a large set of MERIS products centered over Central Europe. Therefore, the borders of the images could contain some cloud cover or shadows due to lack of data.

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