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Plumes of Dust Off Libyan Coast

30.4N 19.6E

December 3rd, 2010 Category: Dust Storms

Libya - November 28th, 2010

Feathery plumes of dust blow north-northeastward off the coast of Libya and over the Mediterranean Sea. In the upper left corner, a thicker cloud of dust can be observed. This dust is probably coming from off the coast of Tunisia, as was observed previously (click here for article).

Upon opening the full image, these individual plumes of dust can be observed in great detail. One, however, may be a plume of smoke rather than dust, due to its greyer color and billowing aspect (rather than the seemingly smooth appearance of the other plumes).

This particularly plume is located in the Gulf of Sirte, the large indentation in the coast of Libya by the settlement Al Burayqah (or Brega) and the Marsa Brega Seaport (also known as Marsa el-Brega or Marsā al-Burayqah).

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