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Namib Sand Sea Along Namibia’s Central Coast

24.6S 15.4E

March 24th, 2011 Category: Deserts

Namibia - March 22nd, 2011

The Namib Desert is a broad expanse of hyper-arid gravel plains and dunes that stretches along Namibia’s entire coastline. This image focuses on the sandy half of the desert, to the south, known as the Namib Sand Sea.

The sands that make up the sand sea result from processes of erosion that take place in the Orange River valley and areas further to the south. As sand-laden waters drop their suspended loads into the Atlantic, onshore currents deposit them along the shore. The prevailing south west winds then pick up and redeposit the sand in the form of massive dunes in the widespread sand sea, forming the largest sand dunes in the world.

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