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Prince Edward Island, Canada, Could Be Affected by Sea Level Rise

46.5N 63.4W

May 8th, 2013 Category: Climate Change

Canada – May 7th, 2013

Prince Edward Island is a Canadian province consisting of an island of the same name, as well as other islands. If the forecast trend in climate disruption continues, we can expect difficult times on Prince Edward Island.

This is despite the fact that Prince Edward Island is a low emitter of greenhouse gases, producing only 0.3% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. No substantial growth in greenhouse gas emissions has been experienced or is expected in Prince Edward Island over the next decade.

Unfortunately, however, as an island with a highly erodible sandstone bedrock, an indented sandy shoreline with many estuaries and marshes,
and the ongoing submergence of its coast, Prince Edward Island has been identified as one of the areas most vulnerable to sea level rise in Canada (click here for more details).

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