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Climate Change and the Coastline of Southern Texas, USA

27.9N 97.3W

March 4th, 2013 Category: Climate Change

Mexico and USA – March 3rd, 2013

There will be considerable challenges and consequences involving climate change, particularly sea-level rise, during the next century along the South Texas coast. Scientists have shown that a rising global sea-level will have a disproportionate effect in South Texas due to the flat topography. As shorelines move landward, marine and estuarine habitats will change or migrate also.

Other probable climate change impacts will include: alterations in freshwater inflows from rivers; changes in estuarine ecosystem functioning; more frequent or longer-lasting droughts; increased incidence of extreme salt concentrations in some coastal ecosystems; changes in various kinds of habitats (increases in some, and decreases in others); and, further reductions in certain estuarine-dependent species: e.g. oysters, blue crabs, shrimp (click here for more information).

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