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Dust Framing Eastern Shore of Mediterraean Sea

34.3N 33.0E

April 2nd, 2013 Category: Dust Storms

Eastern Mediterranean – April 1st, 2013

While the end of March saw a large dust storm blowing off the coast of Libya and over the Mediterranean (click here for previous image), the beginning of April saw a different thick dust plume covering the Mediterranean, this type from Egypt. Here, the dust can be seen blowing over the eastern part of the Nile Delta and the Sinai Peninsula before following the curve of the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, by countries such as Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, before being pushed back towards Egypt once again.

Dust Over Iraq and Syria

33.5N 36.3E

March 23rd, 2013 Category: Dust Storms

Middle East – March 23rd, 2013

A plume of dust hangs over Iraq, near the border with Syria, on the right side of this image. The dust spreads southward over the Arabian Peninsula, but does not reach west to the mountainous Sinai Peninsula and Egypt (left). A more frequent recurrence of dust storms can be a sign of desertification and climate change.

China Dust Spreads to Japan – March 19th, 2013

38.8N 119.7E

March 19th, 2013 Category: Dust Storms, Image of the day

China – March 9th, 2013

Beijing’s air quality deteriorated again as a sandstorm and thick smog added to the problem. The smog and dust also reached across the Bohai Gulf to the Korean Peninsula and then to Japan. Tokyo was blanketed with dust that darkened the skies, rapidly decreasing visibility as dry dust particles whirled through the air.

Meteorologists said the phenomenon was caused by a sudden cold front, and was not linked with the suffocating pollution that hung over the Chinese capital Beijing last winter. Japan and other regional countries, however, have voiced concern about the impact of airborne pollution drifting from their influential neighbor.

The toxic haze that periodically blankets parts of China has been blamed on emissions from coal burning in power stations but also on fumes from vehicles on the traffic-clogged streets of the world’s largest largest auto market.

Dust Over Red Sea South of Sinai Peninsula

27.8N 34.2E

March 29th, 2012 Category: Dust Storms, Rivers

Dust Over Arabian Peninsula - March 22nd, 2012

As the dust kicked up by the sandstorm over the Arabian Peninsula over the last week (click here for previous images) gradually settles, one can see more of the Red Sea, separating Egypt (left) and Saudi Arabia (right). The Sinai Peninsula, part of Egypt, is visible between the two countries (top center), and the Nile River can be seen through the dust, parallel to the left edge. The Suez Canal is also visible on the western edge of the Sinai Peninsula, near the green vegetation of the Nile Delta, connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

Dust Over Red Sea, Sinai Peninsula and Mediterranean Sea

30.9N 33.9E

March 28th, 2012 Category: Dust Storms

Dust Over Arabian Peninsula - March 24th, 2012

Although the dust storm that has been moving sands all about the Arabian Peninsula and rest of the Middle East over the last week finally appears to be subsiding (click here for previous images), a thin veil of dust can still be observed over the northern part of the Red Sea, the Sinai Peninsula, and the eastern Mediterranean Sea (from bottom to top along the left edge). The dust over the Mediterranean does not quite reach the island nation of Cyprus, also visible by the left edge.