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Snowfall Over the Alps and Fog Across Northern Italy

45.4N 9.1E

February 17th, 2013 Category: Mountains

Italy – January 26th, 2013

The Alps, one of the great mountain range systems of Europe, are covered in snow in this winter image. The mountains stretch approximately 1,200 kilometres (750 mi) across eight countries from Austria and Slovenia in the east, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, France to the west and Italy and Monaco to the south. Here, a fog can be seen extending over northern Italy, from the Alps, across the valley of the River Po, to the northern slopes of the Apennines.

Snowfall on the Alps, Italy – January 6th, 2013

45.5N 10.6E

January 6th, 2013 Category: Lakes, Mountains

Italy – December 28th, 2012

Snow rests on the crests of the Alps, in northern Italy, while the peaks of the Apennines, running down the center of the country, are mostly snow-free. Lake Garda can be seen at the foot of the Alps, the southern part of its basin reaching towards the Po Valley, which flanks the River Po and is nestled between the Alps and the northern segment of the Apennines.

Snowfall over the Alps – October 7th, 2008

October 7th, 2008 Category: Image of the day

Snowfall over the Alps - October 5th, 2008

Snowfall over the Alps - October 5th, 2008

In this beautiful, virtually cloud-free image of northern Italy we can clearly see the recent snowfall covering the Alps as well as a striking green algal bloom along the eastern coastline.

The Alps are generally divided into the Western Alps and the Eastern Alps. The division is along the line between Lake Constance and Lake Como, following the Rhine. The Western Alps are higher, but their central chain is shorter and curved; they are located in Italy, France and Switzerland.

The Eastern Alps (main ridge system elongated and broad) belong to Austria, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia and Switzerland. The highest peaks of the Western Alps are Mont Blanc, 4,808 metres (15,774 ft), Mont Blanc de Courmayeur 4,748 metres (15,577 ft), the Dufourspitze 4,634 metres (15,203 ft) and the other summits of the Monte Rosa group, and the Dom, 4,545 metres (14,911 ft). The highest peak in the Eastern Alps is Piz Bernina, 4,049 metres (13,284 ft).

source Wikipedia

Image Close-ups

Algal Blooms along the Adriatic coast

Algal Blooms along the Adriatic coast

Lake Constance

Lake Constance

Lake Garda, Italian Alps

Lake Garda, Italian Alps

In the picture on the left, we can take a more detailed look at the green Algal Blooms along the eastern coast of Italy, reaching in this image from Trieste in the upper area to Ancona in the lower area. The lagoon of Venice is visible on the left, as is the mouth of the River Po.

In the center of the first image on the right is Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, which was formed by glaciers at the end of the last ice age. An algal bloom is visible on its southern shore. We can also see the River Po winding its way across the land south of the lake.

In the second close-up on the right, we get a more detailed look at the snow covering the Alps, as well as Lake Constance in the upper left quadrant, which shares a triple border with Switzerland, Germany and Austria. This triple border is particular in that there is no official legal agreement regarding the exact boundaries among the three countries within the lake.

Snowfall in Northern Italy

January 12th, 2009 Category: Snapshots

Snow in northern Italy - January 12th, 2009

Snow in northern Italy - January 12th, 2009

Detail of cities surrounded by snow

Detail of cities surrounded by snow

Northern Italy has received much snowfall over the last week.

The Alps, to the North, are snow capped, as are the Apennines, running southward.

The lowlands between the two mountain ranges are also covered by snow, with the River Po running between them.

In the first image detail, cities such as  Turin, Milan, Parma, Modena and Bologna can be seen as dark grey circles amidst the snow.

The second image detail gives a closer look at the white peaks of the Alps.

Close-up of snowfall over the Alps

Close-up of snowfall over the Alps

For other articles regarding snowfall over the Alps, please click here.

Alpine Snowfall, Italy – November 18th, 2008

November 18th, 2008 Category: Image of the day

Snow in the Alps, Italy - November 16th, 2008

Snow in the Alps, Italy - November 16th, 2008

Despite the partial cloud cover in this image, we have a good view of snow covering the Alps in northern Italy.

We can also see a green algal bloom in the Adriatic Sea, off the eastern shoreline of the Veneto Region.

If we compare this image to a similar one taken of the same area in early October (see previous article), we can observe that the amount of snow has increased, as has the size of the algal bloom.

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